Norcal Family Dog Rescue was founded by Dennis Eckel, an experienced animal behaviorist who is dedicated to helping rescue dogs find the loving forever homes they so deserve. Dennis is joined by a team of specialists and other professionals who share his vision of finding a loving home for every rescue or stray found in Sacramento.


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Our mission at Norcal Family Dog Rescue is to make sure that every rescue and stray that we find is paired with a loving home. This has always been our top priority, and second, to that, we want to raise awareness of why animal-lovers should adopt rather than a shop.


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We believe in the power of preventative measures. It is, therefore, our goal to make sure that every dog-owner in the state of California is aware of the immense responsibility of having a dog. Ultimately, we want to make an impact and see a visible decrease in abandoned pets.


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We pride ourselves in our strong set of values which includes placing the health and overall well-being of the rescue dogs in our care first. We ensure each dog is rehabilitated and socialized and gets all the nutrition, vet care and of course the love they deserve.

Please support our cause in preventing abandoned dogs on the streets by adopting one of the rescues in our care.