We are always in need of some extra hands at Norcal Family Dog Rescue. If you would like to give back to the community and you have a love and passion for dogs, volunteering at our rescue center is a must. Find out how you can help make a change in our foster dogs’ lives.


volunteer dog walk - Volunteer

The doggos in our care need to exercise too! Why not get involved by volunteering some of your time and taking one or more of the dogs in our care for walkies. You don’t need any training, only the willingness to make a change.


volunteer pet playing - Volunteer

Playtime and socializing are important for our furry friends too. Even if you only have half an hour to spare, it would mean the world to our rescues. We have a play area where you will be able to play fetch and give plenty of belly rubs to the dogs in our care.


volunteer grooming - Volunteer

Dogs need to look good too! We have grooming days where members of the public can come and help us with the washing, brushing and general grooming of all the rescues living at Norcal Family Dog Rescue.

Please feel free to get in touch or visit our center if you want to learn how you can sign up and volunteer at Norcal Family Dog Rescue.